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  • Oct 08, 2018 · In this article, we’ve seen how to create a custom annotation to encrypt JPA entity attributes in the database. There was one more tiny trick to define the event listener as a Spring bean allowing to use dependency injection for separating the components of the encryption logic. The full code can be found on GitHub.
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对此, Feign采用现代系统对+的解释, 不会将+认为是一个空白符(space), 并将请求参数上的+编码为%2B. 如果你希望将+当成空白符(space), 那么请直接使用一个空格 或者直接将其编码为%20. Custom Expansion

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  • REST APIクライアントのSpring Cloud Feignを使う場合に異常系のステータスコードをハンドリングする方法を調べたのでメモです。 デフォルトの振る舞い APIが400番台や500番台のステータスコードを返した場合、FeignはFeignExceptionをスローします。これは下記の記事に書いた通りです。 int128.hatenablog.com ...
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    hmm.. if you are only using feign to decode bodies, maybe yeah there's no point. Copy link Member adriancole commented Jun 6, 2017. what I mean is that Feign's is mostly abstraction of control apis: decoding is one of many convenience functions, and most functionality centers on code for highest value to most. ... There is an example of custom ...

    Feb 26, 2017 · In this article, we are going to see several examples on how to get request parameters with Spring MVC, how to bind them to different objects, how to use @RequestParam annotation and when the annotation is not needed.

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    Custom decoder Feign.builder () allows you to create a custom decoder and also allows you to add this decoder to the configuration of the Feign client to decode a response. You have to configure a non-default decoder if your interface returns some custom type or a type besides Response, String, byte [], or void.

    I need to consume an API which requires square brackets in the URL. For example: GET /my-api/users?filter[profile-id]=01S0031210Z . Whenever I try to make this call using a Feign client, my square brackets are URL encoded no matter what I do. My final attempt was to add my query parameter in a custom RequestInterceptor.

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    It's possible that whoever you were speaking to was thinking of a custom module or code that looked at the query parameters and verified the credentials. This isn't standard HTTP auth, though, it's an application-specific thing.

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    FeignClient 使用 为了测试方便,这里提供四个项目 user-server user-server-api spring-boot-feign spr...

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I'm not sure how Spring handles that type of response, it would be on their Decoder to handle an InputStreamResource, but in core Feign, the response streams are ready fully and closed before returning, so that exception is expected.
Custom Decoder By default, this project uses the JacksonDecoder implementation of Feign Decoder interface. A protected setter is available to use your own Decoder.
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